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The comprehensive range of Doñana tours offered by Doñana Reservas includes two combined tours with which you will no doubt fall in love.

These tours combine our traditional experiences with extremely attractive activities for the visitor to Doñana National Park. Read more about it below.

Combined north and south tour

Time: You can book a tour in the morning and another in the afternoon or on different days.

Price: €56.50 per person. (VAT included).

It is now time to introduce our two tours along the north and south of Doñana National Park. They can be reserved jointly as a special package. This will allow you to gain better insight into Doñana’s breath-taking natural setting.

Doñana from North to South is a product specially designed to maximise visitor’s enjoyment in an inexpensive and simple way, travelling along Doñana’s two main off-road routes. You can book a tour in the morning and another in the afternoon or on different days.

Our special package is a great way to learn about Doñana’s ecosystems You will travel over 100 kilometres in a 4WD through all authorised areas in Doñana National Park, accompanied by a specialised guide at all times.

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Combined 4×4 and visit to Bodegas Oliveros in Bollullos del Condado

Time:our 4×4 route in its usual schedule. The winery can be visited from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. From Monday to Friday for individuals and from Monday to Sunday for groups.

Price: € 43 per person (VAT included). Includes one case of a bottle of wine per person.

Complete your day in Doñana doing our guided tour in 4×4 and enjoying a magnificent visit to BODEGAS OLIVEROS in Bollullos Par del Condado (22 km from Rocío). The guided tour of the winery lasts one hour and is done in Spanish or English. The explanation of the history of the winery and the D.O. Condado de Huelva, views of the underground caves and entrance to the Reserva Vinaigrette where an old 1940 vinegar is tasted.

The visit finishes in the tasting room where 3 wines are tasted (Blanco seco zalema, Tinto tempranillo crianza and Vino Naranja), accompanied by an Iberian appetizer and old cheese.

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Route4x4: +34 959 442 474
Bodegas Oliveros: +34 959 410 057

Combined 4×4 and horse carriage ride through El Rocío and surroundings

Time: Our 4×4 route at your usual schedule. The horse carriage ride in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Sunday according to availability.

Price:From € 50 (VAT included) according to season and accessories. Minimum 4 people.

Complete your day in Doñana by taking our guided 4 × 4 route and enjoying a magnificent horse-drawn carriage ride through Doñana and El Rocio. This horse-drawn carriage ride, drawn by mules, lasts approximately two hours.

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To book this visit:
Route4x4: +34 959 442 474
Doñana on horseback: +34 674 219 568

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