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Classic visit

We are facing the most requested visit by the general public. It is an excellent way to get to know and get closer to what the Doñana National Park represents.

A 4-hour tour in off-road vehicles, where you can share impressions and sensations with other people who are living your same experience. If you are wondering how to visit Doñana in the best way possible, this is the option you were looking for.


Duration: 3 to 4 hours. Two tours per day.

Price: €33 per person. Children under 10 years €18 (valid only for children within your family). VAT included. Payment only in cash or transfer, not available with card.

Departure place and time: Our facilities at El Rocío. Morning tour: 8:00 am. Departure time for afternoon tours varies with season.

Vehicle: Various models. From 8 to 30 seats.

For those people who have some type of disability, the company offers the classic visit with a 20% discount.

What is included: Fact sheets, binoculars for every 2 visitors and 1 telescope per group..

Itinerary: Pinares de Coto del Rey, Matasgordas cork oaks, Marisma de Hinojos, and José A. Valverde Visitors Centre.

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The classic tour to Doñana begins at El Rocío. We will first tour the main streets of this popular village, walking past the chapel, whilst learning about the culture, heritage and folklore of the festivities that take place in honour of the Blanca Paloma and other aspects related to it.

Our tours venture through the northern area of Doñana National Park, exploring Doñana’s two major ecosystems: the forest and the marshes.

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An expert guide accompanies the visitors at all times, sharing their knowledge throughout the visit. We also provide optical instruments so you do not miss a thing whilst enjoying the stunning landscape. We also provide optical instruments so you do not miss a thing whilst enjoying the stunning landscape.

It is worth highlighting that the pine forests we will be visiting were hunting grounds popular with the Royal family. Today, the Iberian lynx dominates this territory.

As for the marshes, it is the hideout of numerous waterfowl colonies. Further information will be provided at the José Antonio Valverde Centre, one of the places with the greatest concentration of birds within Doñana.

We make several stops on the tours. Moreover, we offer different options for enjoying Doñana that meet each customer’s needs.

We operate seven days a week. Tours are available in both Spanish and English (on demand).

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Main route of the route - Doñana Reservas
Main route of the route - Doñana Reservas

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